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Defining you

What defines you?  What do you feel is your defining characteristics? Are you able to stand alone and feel strong and confident, or do you need to stand behind a group? Never able to tell how you truly feel or act how you really want to act?  Can you define YOU? It is probably the […]

Little Warrior Souls

Little Warrior Souls. It is springtime and the spring sports have begun. Track, Softball, Baseball and Soccer. Every spring we send out our little Warrior Souls. They put on the uniforms, they attend the practices, and then they battle. Have you looked at their beautiful faces? Filled with determination and the desire to compete. They […]

What If…

What if…. What if you were told you only had days to live? Would you change things? Would you change the way you treat people, or would you care less about what you don’t have and start appreciating what you do have? What if you have a family that you need to say good bye […]


I AM… Such powerful words.  They can destroy a person bit by bit, or they can sneak up on you and tear at your very soul.  I AM…. How would you finish that sentence?  Has the ending changed as you progress in life?  Did you start with an I AM BEAUTIFUL, OR I AM STRONG? […]

Lead with Humor

Lead with Humor How do you react in a situation that is uncomfortable? Do you curl into yourself and try to be small, or are You the party? Some people love to be the center of attention and seem to flourish when the spotlight is on them. Their cheeks flush with excitement, their eyes dance […]

Life of Blessings

Life of Blessings. You have a life full of blessings. It may not seem that way- but you do. Are you able to wake every morning in a warm safe place? Are you able to fuel your body? Do you have anything that you call yours- If you are reading this post, you are blessed. […]

I hate myself

I Hate Myself. Yes. That has been my go to, inner voice, feel good mantra. When someone hurt me, cut me down, or I felt inferior, which was all the time, I would say to myself…. “Thats ok, your right. But, no one can hate me as much as I hate me”. BOOM! The pain […]

Smile with your eyes

Smile with your eyes. When you are talking to others, do you look them in the eye? Do you turn your eyes downward when someone is speaking to you? When you are laughing so hard your mouth is open and your head is thrown back, does it reach your beautiful eyes? I love talking and […]

Paper Dreams-2

Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams. Do you have dreams for your life? You only have one shot to get it right. Do you know that dreams can come true at any age? Don’t you love how you smile and feel free in your dreams? Do you still dream? Dreams are so important in your life. They help you […]