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Changes. For some of you that are trying to make a change, how’s it going? I have to admit, change is very hard. Even with the best of intentions, change is tough. I am struggling with this as well. I am determined to become a more understanding, positive person. How about you? How is your […]

Belly Laughs

Belly Laughs. It is the point that you just let go and enjoy a moment of bliss. It can make even the worst of days seem so much easier. It can make you feel 10 pounds lighter! I think that some days we forget to laugh. We forget that laughing can take away stress, take […]


Friends You know which friend to call when you are in need. You know which friend to call when you are down. You, for sure, know which friend to call when you need to blow off steam, and you know who to call for some straight up good advice. FRIENDS. Think about your friends tonight. […]


Words Be careful what you say. You have heard this a million times as a kid and a teenager, but have you thought about it as an adult? Are you cautious about the word choices you use? Do you know that the words you speak become your reality? True story. Reality. If you constantly are […]


Scars We all have them. I’m not talking about the kind on the outside that you have awesome stories for, but the inside kind. The ones that you don’t want to remember the story. You try to hide them and keep them from the world. Those scars. Sometimes you can get a scar from a […]

A Sadness box

A box of sadness. Do you carry around a little box of sadness? Do you carry it deep inside, or do you drag it around right behind you for all to see? Do you try to hide your box? Do you try to laugh away your little box? We ALL have things that have hurt […]

Positive thoughts

Are you surrounded by positive people? Are you a positive person? Do you go out of your way to make someone else feel good? This is a very special gift. You can change someones day in an instant. You never know what someone is going through, but one positive thing can turn it all around. […]

Proud of yourself

Are you PROUD of yourself? I’m not asking in a nasty voice yelling. I mean are you really proud deep deep down? Do you really truly feel pride in the things you have done? You should. It’s pretty important that you do. Having pride in yourself and what you do makes everything seem more colorful, […]

Words of Regret

Words of regret. Yes. That’s right. When you speak words of regret. You are in the moment, you strike out in anger, and them BOOM! you let loose words that can not come back. Once that mouth opens, it’s over. Done. The ugly has come out. We have all been there and done that. It […]


Do you let numbers define you? Do you obsess on the numbers on a scale, the numbers in your bank account? Do you truly LIVE by these numbers? If you weight yourself in the morning, does it wreck the rest of your day? Why? What changes in you? I have a friend that weights himself […]