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Some of you are having trouble with the exercise of looking into your own eyes. It is NOT an easy exercise. Please understand that it will happen and it will take some time. Depending on how Broken you are, will determine your abilities. Take it slow. Just stand in front of the mirror for a […]


These are my hands. They are bumpy, wrinkly, and have age spots. But, do you know what these hands have done? They have trained young horses, they have worked on a farm, they have held some frogs hands and then they have held tight to a handsome prince. These hands have held two perfect babies. […]

Run your OWN race.

Run your own race… We’ve heard it a million times, but have you thought about it in terms of your self esteem? How about One Size Fits All.. does it? Should I feel exactly the same way you do in the same shirt?  What about the workout video that promises results to everyone? Everyone? (more…)

Why I started Impeccable Soul

Welcome to Impeccable Soul… I would like to give you the story of how I came about starting this page and the website. I have always had terrible self esteem. I just stumbled through life wondering why I sucked at everything when others were just so dang good at them. Crazy thinking, but sometimes we […]

A Masterpiece

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and is ready for a rocking 2015. I am overwhelmed at the support on my first day. It is so awesome to have people understand what it is I want to do. I have had several private messages and texts and I realize that yes, […]

Happy New Year and Welcome

Happy New Year and welcome to my new page and my new adventure. I have always been interested in physical fitness, now I am venturing in to the psychological fitness. I started Impeccable Soul to help people build their inner confidence and to help people achieve the gift of loving yourself fully. I will have […]