Such powerful words.  They can destroy a person bit by bit, or they can sneak up on you and tear at your very soul.  I AM….

How would you finish that sentence?  Has the ending changed as you progress in life?  Did you start with an I AM BEAUTIFUL, OR I AM STRONG?   As kids we just believe that we are good people with big hearts and everyone loves us.  At what point in your life has that changed?  AND, changed again?  We go through so much that changes us and dictates what we feel.  A bad friendship, a bad relationship, a family change.  Sometimes it can just a random comment from a stranger.  A giggle or a glance.  It can change our I AM in a blink of an eye.  Most I AM statements are honest and true to what we feel, then POOF! We give up our power and it changes. We start to believe what others put on our soul.


Why do we give up our power so easily?  Why is it ok to just hand over our self esteem and our confidence?  Think of the kids in your lives.  Yours, nieces, nephews… neighbors kids, any kids you associate with.  They are FULL of confidence.  Do they play with reckless abandon, or are they nervous about their clothing, their size, their hair, if you are looking at them…. they are just being.  They are just going with the flow and if you’re not on with their flow, to bad for you.  They scream I love myself and to heck with you.  How about you?  When was the last time you went to a water park and just played.  Just got crazy and acted like a kid.  Never looked at what others were wearing, if there was a skinnier person, tugging at your suit just in case a roll slipped out.  Saying no to an offer to ride down a slide because when you sit down your belly rolls.  I mean, COME ON!  Why can’t we just have fun like when we were kids.  Why can’t we just let go and just BE?


Because of the I AM…. It starts the most important sentences in our lives.  It can start the beginning of our end.  I AM STUPID, I AM FAT, I AM USELESS, I AM OLD, I AM UGLY, I AM A LOSER.  The list can go on and on… we have all been there and said that.  Why is the negative so easy to believe instead of believing the best about ourselves?  Why can what one person say or do totally destroy what we know deep down.  What if you changed it?  What if you said this instead?  I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM SMART, I AM SEXY, I AM FUN, I AM A GOOD PERSON, I AM A GOOD FRIEND, I AM A GOOD MOM/DAD/BROTHER/ SISTER.  I AM THE BEST PERSON I CAN BE.  AHHHH…  Doesn’t that feel so much better? Brush off the crap.  There is enough garbage in this world… let’s try to keep our bubble, germ free!


My challenge to you today is to replace the inner I AM with a positive I AM.  If you screw up something at work, stope your self and instead of  I AM STUPID, how about I MADE A MISTAKE AND I AM SO SMART, I CAN FIX IT.  Trust me, you will be able to fix the problem and learn more than just throwing it up to the I AM DUMB, STUPID, OR WORSE.   The best one.. instead of looking in the mirror in the morning while putting on pants and saying ugh… I AM SO FAT.  How about I AM STRONG AND I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY.   How about how beautiful curves are, how about how beautiful your body is.  That body moves you, it sustains you, it can get you from A to B.  It is a beautiful body.  Why are we so dang critical?  Is it for us?  Think about it?  Who needs to hear it the most?  You need to hear that you are strong, beautiful, and capable!  Give that to yourself.  Feed your soul with what it needs most.  Positive incoming messages.


I encourage you to break out your post its and your sharpie.  Write down one thing per sheet.  Write down your biggest I AM.  If you typically say I AM FAT,  change it.  Write down I AM BEAUTIFUL AND MY BODY IS STRONG.  Go right down your negative ugly list.  Change every one!  See what I mean.  Flip it to a positive.  Take back your power.  Take back your ability to be self confident and strong.  Self confidence is such a sexy attribute!!  Ask anyone!  No matter your size, or abilities, if you are confident, you exude sexy.  Who doesn’t want to be confident and be the best they can be!!

Change your important I AM… change it for you.  I AM SMART. I AM STRONG.  I AM BEAUTIFUL.  Feels good doesn’t it.  Do it with me.  Let’s start a movement of more confident, strong minded people.  We are all unique and therefore we all have different gifts.  Get to know yours and say them every morning and every night!  Start tonight and I promise you will smile deep into your soul when you look at those beautiful eyes and recite your most personal I AM….

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