Lead with Humor

Lead with Humor

How do you react in a situation that is uncomfortable? Do you curl into yourself and try to be small, or are You the party? Some people love to be the center of attention and seem to flourish when the spotlight is on them. Their cheeks flush with excitement, their eyes dance with passion. I do not.

I lead with humor. I try to make people laugh, I try to use funny stories and poke fun at myself to get others to relax. It is just the way I am. I feel better when people smile and laugh. What do you lead with? How do you walk into a room? I have always envied those that can walk into a strange crowd and have them all in the palm of their hand. I have friends like this. They control the room as soon as they step into it. Can you? Do you lead with fear? Lead with distrust? Do you try and pretend you are above others? Even though you are the most insecure in the room? Do you try to prove you are the smartest in the room? Do you tear down others to try to make yourself feel better? Do you try to dress one way when in truth, you are another?

When you feel insecure, not worthy, or afraid, you can put off a totally different vibe then what is truly in you. It is very scary to lead with our best self. It is hard to suck it all in and just BE. Why does this scare us so much? What is the worry? That people won’t like us, won’t think us worthy of their time? What happens if they don’t like our first impression? Does your world fall apart? NO. NOPE. NOT HAPPENING. Why is there so much pressure to be the life of the party? What if I WANT to be the clown in the group. Does that make me a bad person to have around. I don’t think so. I think you would want a very well rounded group. It takes all kinds. Shy people, Loud people, Beautiful people, Dancing people, Funny people and yes… YOU!

I challenge you to think about this today. When walking into a crowd of strangers how do you react? What is it that you lead with, and what does that say about you? Are you being your TRUE SELF? Let your very inner self out. JUST GO AHEAD AND THROW IT ALL OUT THERE! See what you get back. Don’t throw and duck, just throw it and smile big. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE!! No sense leading with someone you are not. Because then, after awhile, you have to try to explain why you have changed. Be yourself. Be your own personal beautiful self. Not all of us can be the ONE! Personally, I wouldn’t want all that pressure!

On your post its, write out I AM EXACTLY WHO I AM. I LEAD WITH (fill in the blank here). I AM COMFORTABLE WITH MYSELF AND LOVE TO BE ME! Next time you walk into a room lead with your true heart, your true self. It feels good. It feels liberating… almost like you are naked and raw. ALMOST! It is refreshing and helps to let people love you for EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!
I lead with humor….. what about you?

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