Life of Blessings

Life of Blessings.

You have a life full of blessings. It may not seem that way- but you do. Are you able to wake every morning in a warm safe place? Are you able to fuel your body? Do you have anything that you call yours-

If you are reading this post, you are blessed. It means you have a computer, or a phone fancy enough for Internet- BLESSED.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the “I don’t haves”. It’s easy. We are a generation of for me, me, all about me!!!! I want. I want. It’s so simple to feel that other have and poor me, i don’t have. But, you do have. You are blessed. You have thoughts, passions, things that you love to do! Those Material things can not and will not bring you forever happiness. Crazy purchases actually bring you extreme joy and then BOOM! Remorse and/ or guilt. It’s inevitable. The drop comes fast and hard.

One of my life changes is to find blessings in my everyday. I am working on not always wanting more and more… For example, I recently purchased a new vehicle. It’s beautiful and white. So pretty! I have to work harder to pay for it, but I love love it! (I am a car and shoe person. It is always the first things I look at.) Anyways…. 2 weeks after I bought it, an older gentleman hit my car in a parking lot while I was getting groceries. Smashed the whole right front. It made me sick to my stomach, I started crying… Silly right??? Then, I took a step back and thought where is the blessing? The blessing was that my beautiful daughter who was sitting in the passenger seat (right front), at the last minute came into the store. If she would of stayed in the car, she would have been scared to death. The truck would of smashed into my car right in her space. It took my breathe away when I realized what the BLESSING was.. I was whining about a car when it could of been my beautiful girl. Never again.

Think of your situations that have you upset or stuck. What’s the blessing? Thing deeply. Get past the material part and go to the most important parts. What is most important to you in your life? Material things? They only last for a minute and can not reciprocate love and passion. Think of your true happiness sources. What do you love deep down in the happy parts? What makes your heart sing? Be passionate. Learn to see the good and learn to accept the blessings.

I challenge you to look deeper in a situation that causes you stress. Look to the left of it and look to the right. Ask yourself where the blessing is. It may take some time to find it. But it is there.
On your post it to yourself write… I AM WORTH OF THE BLESSING! I AM WORTHY OF A GREAT LIFE! I WILL WORK HARD TO HAVE A BLESSED LIFE! You are worthy. You are good, honest, and smart and you deserve to be happy and whole. Count your blessings instead of DIS- counting your blessings. When you are happy on the inside, blessings will follow you. YOU deserve blessings and I double dog dare you to find one every day!

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