Little Warrior Souls

Little Warrior Souls.

It is springtime and the spring sports have begun. Track, Softball, Baseball and Soccer. Every spring we send out our little Warrior Souls. They put on the uniforms, they attend the practices, and then they battle.

Have you looked at their beautiful faces? Filled with determination and the desire to compete. They are forever striving to be the “one” that everyone cheers for. They love the sound of applause and they crave the attention from the crowd.

Our little warrior souls.

I have sat on many bleachers and watched the joy in many faces. The kids, they just give it their all with every fiber of their being. They push themselves to limits that we never dreamed of! This is the beginning of confidence and a new found love of competition.

When was the last time you felt like a little warrior soul? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new? Pushed yourself? A good challenge is great for your soul.

It can be so easy to just sit comfortably in our happy place and never venture from it, but you can also become bored and lifeless. Your days merge into one long blur of work, home, bed…. work, home, bed. CHANGE IT UP! Go crazy and change it up! Plan on getting up 30 minutes earlier and do a simple exercise video, make an unexpected breakfast for you family. Shock them!! Do something out of your comfort zone. Wear a crazy loud color that you would NEVER wear. It does not take a huge change to make you feel young, crazy, exhilarated! Start walking when you get home. Ask you family to join you! Start something new with people you love. Start a walking group right after work. Just 30 minutes and you will be surprised how invigorating it can be!

This is my challenge to you. Think of something, one simple thing, and change it. Do something that you would normally not do. Turn off the TV and have family game night. Don’t let the grumbling get you down, push through, push on!! You can do this. Change something small and you will feel as though you climbed mountains! Start having a monthly dinner get together with friends… Simple, but the time with people can truly fill your soul. Engage people around you… encourage others to try with you. YOU CAN BECOME THE CHANGE! YOU CAN ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO CHANGE ONE THING.

Take out your dusty post its and your Sharpie…. Let’s get back to filling our soul with happy, positive thoughts. Did you get off the train? Have you stopped encouraging yourself. Time to get back to the good! Time to get back to the taking charge of YOU! Tonight on your post its write…. I CAN CHANGE ONE THING.. ONE THING.

Share with me what you will start. I will hold you accountable and it will force you to write it out. As a community, we can help each other improve. There is no room for people that criticize here. We are all on our OWN journey and need help every step of the way. Lets all come together and hold each other accountable. I’ll start. I really struggle with staying positive when I have a lot to do after work. My ONE THING to change, will be to allow myself to take a quick walk around our trail in the woods before I start supper, dishes, laundry…. blah blah. I want to see if I can reduce my yelling about everything when I walk through the door. Challenge me! Help keep me accountable. I will do the same for you. Remember. CHANGE ONE THING, AND CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. Good luck!

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