Paper Dreams-2

Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams.

Do you have dreams for your life? You only have one shot to get it right. Do you know that dreams can come true at any age? Don’t you love how you smile and feel free in your dreams? Do you still dream?

Dreams are so important in your life. They help you grow, they help you feel like you have accomplished something. Did you know dreams change? That is the cool part! They change and morph into desires and wishes. DREAM BIG!! DREAM BIG! What are your dreams of? Happiness after a divorce or break up, a new outlook on life, a healthier body and family? A college education, a better job? The true desires of your heart! ALL of it is possible. 



I encourage you to dream big! Write them down! Write them down with big bold letters and crazy loud colors!! Think about them. Truly think on them for a day. What is your greatest dream? Do you feel it deep in your gut? Does it excite you to even write it down? Now think of a plan. How to make that dream come true… Slow down. Go step by step. Even if it seems unattainable, THINK IT THROUGH!! Is your heart racing in anticipation? It should be! Dreams are exciting!

Your challenge is to write your most exciting dream down on a piece of wish paper, write it LOUD and PROUD! Crumple that paper up, hold it close and breathe life into it, light it on fire (please do this outside)… Let it flow with the wind. Your dream! YOUR DREAM! Close your eyes and speak of this dream. Speak it to your heart, your brain and especially into every fiber of your being. Now breathe deep and smile. Smile. You are a crazy dreamer!!

Dreams come true. If you believe it with everything you have, it will come true. On your post it tonight write it out. I AM A DREAMER! I BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND MY ABILITIES! I CAN MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! I CAN MAKE IT REAL!
You can!! You must first feel you are worthy and capable! You are you know… Worthy and capable! Dream big my friends, hold on and dream big!

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