Smile with your eyes

Smile with your eyes.

When you are talking to others, do you look them in the eye? Do you turn your eyes downward when someone is speaking to you? When you are laughing so hard your mouth is open and your head is thrown back, does it reach your beautiful eyes?

I love talking and laughing with my friends and family. I especially love it when everyone is loud and crazy! But, have you notice that person without the smile in their eyes. They try to pretend. They try to fit in with the happiness. It’s just that the eyes give them away… The eyes tell the true story. There is hurt inside. There is pain.

Is this person you? Do you pretend? Do you fake the happy so hard you almost crack! Let me take you off the FAKE happy trail… Let’s learn to love life again! Learn to count on yourself for happiness and strength. Why fake happy when you can truly feel it again. When we are kids, the happy was always there… Our eyes sparkled and danced with glee! Oh what fun it was!! What has gone wrong? Where do you lose your happiness??

I heard a saying once it goes like this… Disappointment is inevitable, misery is optional. There will be situations in life that will disappoint you. No question, BUT- are you going to choose misery? It is your choice! YOUR CHOICE! Will you choose to move forward, or wallow in misery. It will all show in your eyes. Your beautiful, colorful, soulful eyes!

Today I challenge you to look in your eyes. Go to your favorite mirror, take a good deep look into your eyes. Never mind the FACE! Don’t go there… Not today. Look at your pretty eyes. Does your smile reach them? It shouldn’t be that far for it to climb! But, for some it can seem like a world away! Smile at your eyes… Do you see it? Do you see the beauty of a happy smile? Or, do you see sadness?

I challenge you to smile in your eyes!! Practice. Practice! When you are talking to others look them in the eye and smile. Give them a little twinkle even!! Smile smile SMILE!! Through your pretty eyes. You are gorgeous! Write it out today…. I AM SOMEBODY! I AM HAPPY! I WILL SMILE THROUGH MY EYES!! I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE AND I HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYES! You are an amazing person. You have some many gifts to offer… Smile with your eyes. Feel love and feel the joy that comes with a big beautiful smile!!

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