What If…

What if….

What if you were told you only had days to live? Would you change things? Would you change the way you treat people, or would you care less about what you don’t have and start appreciating what you do have?

What if you have a family that you need to say good bye to? Do you think you have showed them in everyday you love them and support them? Would they know that you lived life to the fullest or would they remember that you were never happy…. Never satisfied. ... Always searching for something better. Your words were negative, hurtful, and depressing. That you are never ever happy. With anything!

You have that chance to show them. TODAY!! Start today. Live your life to the fullest and be the kind of person that is positive and loving. Think about this.. When you are with someone that is full of burden, full of negative, gloom and doom feelings, they carry around a heavy heavy burden. Each step they take is 15lbs extra of blah.. You feel the heavy negative energy. You walk away from them feeling a bit heavier too. GROSS!!

Stop that craziness!! You have ONE LIFE to live ONE! Unburden your soul. Unleash the inner burdens and live that life! Be the person that lives like they are dying. Everyday hold onto the gifts in your life. Be your best you. The best YOU!!! Not the wanna be me, but YOU. Let the people in your life know that they matter, that they too should live life better everyday.

We are not promised tomorrow. We are not promised next year. We are given NOW. Just NOW. My heart breaks as I think of a Parent having to say good bye to their child. Knowing that for them, tomorrow will not come. Could you? Would the small silly things matter or would you want only the best? Would you mourn the things you don’t have, or would they no longer matter. Give your best. Live your BEST life.

I challenge you to really think about what you would do with a short time to live. What would you change? Change it now. You have been given a gift of another day. Lift people up and give them the gift of a better, healthier, lighter YOU. Live your life with joy, health, and drop the heavy depression that follows you like a cloud. Make a pact with yourself to work harder at loving the true you, the real you.

Enjoy your life is what I’m saying. You only have one. Embrace your loved ones and show them with actions that you are a person of dignity and grace. Get rid of the heavy clouds of doom and gloom. Step into the sunshine my friend. Feel it’s warmth on your face and deep into your bones. Live this day. LIVE THIS DAY!

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